American flag

A lot people tend to forget the symbolism that what makes the American Flag. The sacrifices the blood,sweat,and tears that have been made that people take for granted. Most people don’t know how good the have it in this country.If were not careful we can head in the wrong direction and become like other countries where certain freedoms that we enjoy are restricted. We have to be careful of what laws and law makers we elected into power and find what they truly stand for.

Most elected officials not all want to change and put there own agenda what they think is right ahead of others. Instead of what for our Founding Fathers put in the Constitution. It was put there for a reason to establish Justice,domestic tranqulity,provide common defence,promote general walfare,secure the blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

A lot people don’t even know the history of what makes are country great or do they even care. There some politicians out there who want to go against the constitution and those who stand for it. Whether it’s freedom of speech,religion,and press,the right to Bear Arms,the housing soldiers, protection from u wanted searches just to name a few. If not up heald then we have no country.

People who go along with those who up struct and want change the constitution don’t care about this country. The most powerful nation in the world been letting other countries take advantage of us getting the country further in debt. Thinking we can spend our way out it. Forgetting that’s what got there in the first place. American is the greatest country and opportunities are there you put the work in.


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